20 de abril de 2014

Poema: "Ocean Blue" - Marília Prata

In this strange world
Lived a creative boy
He had a lot of hair
And a boat like toy.
Every day, after school,
He used to go to the beach
Put the boat inside the ocean
And, sometimes, even found a fish.
Then, one day,
Things happened kind of different
The little boy ran to the ocean
But came out of there pretty quickly.
Reaching home,
He said to his father
“There were two female eyes
Staring at me under the water”.
The man, careless,
Never answered the kid
“Go now to your room”, he ordered
“And you better be quick”.
Frustrated, the boy obeyed
And fell over his bed
Thought about what had happened
And, immediately, his cheeks went red.
“Oh, no”, he didn’t want to admit it
But that feeling was true
He was in deep love
For that eyes, on the ocean blue.
He waited, so
He waited until the night
His parents would be sleeping
And he’d be able to escape, living no sight.
Finally at the beach
The boy jumped into the water
A huge hand emerged from there
He just couldn’t look smaller.
That time, however,
He was decided to stay
He wanted to see that eyes again
No matter how long he would have to wait.
It took only a few minutes
For a beautiful girl appear
Waves forming her hair
And her blue eyes, they couldn’t be clearer.
The boy smiled
His heart beating fast
He wanted to talk to the girl
But didn’t know what to ask.
Timidly, then
He contemplated her eyes
Words wouldn’t be necessary
He had just realized.
Surrounded by the lady’s immense hand
He didn’t even remember his favorite toy
He was in love for the Ocean
And the Ocean, for the boy.
In the next morning,
A woman screamed loud
Her son had disappeared
Only a rejected boat, on the bedroom’s ground.

Sobre o Autor:
Marília Prata Marília Prata

A Melhor pessoa que você pode vir a conhecer nessa vida.

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