27 de abril de 2014

Poema: "Nice Boy" - Marília Prata

There was a boy
Whose name was Nice
Not that he really was
But mainly because his heart was cold as Ice.
He didn’t know how or why
He didn’t know who or when
He did know something, though
He wanted all that to end.
So he made a tough decision
He went away from home
Walked around the world
And found a girl to call his own.
She was so sweet and perfect
And smelled like a rose
He liked to be next to her
And enjoyed to listen to her voice.
But, one day, the girl was gone
From the sky, the falling rain
The boy became really, really sad
In his chest, only pain.
Even though he tried
That felling wasn’t easy to forget
The girl he dreamed about had come and go so quickly
But had made a big mess.
So the Nice boy thought it would be better
To just go back home
Lock himself in his bedroom
Spend some time alone.
He cried a lot inside there
Bad thoughts in his head
This thing called Love
He would never want that back.

Sobre o Autor:
Marília Prata Marília Prata

A Melhor pessoa que você pode vir a conhecer nessa vida.

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